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The Plainfield Community Baptist Church is an American Baptist church in its affiliation but is non-denominational in its tradition. We seek to serve our God and Christ through our worship, mission and outreach programs, and other ministries.

Worship services & Sunday school each Sunday at 10 am. Bible study meets on Thursday mornings at 10 a.m.

Opportunities for community ministry and service through our Chicken Suppers, the Plainfield Chimers, Sunday School, Choir and other special events are waiting for you. Come and join us - we will be blessed by your presence and it is our hope you will be blessed by God's Spirit.  

All are welcome.  MAP

Be anxious in nothing, prayerful in everything, thankful in anything .....  then Peace!

Plainfield Village Views

Sunday, March 10, 2019, 10 am -

        Scripture:  Romans 10:8b-13


Sunday School,  Sunday School is offered every Sunday during worship for grades 3 - 7, and pre-Sunday School activities and nursery care up to grade 2.

Upcoming Special Events:

Saturday, March 23, 6 pm:  Soup's On Game Night, Pierce Hall
Wednesday, March 13:  Lenten Meal followed by service, 6 pm
Wednesday, March 20:  Lenten Meal followed by service, 6 pm
Wednesday, March 27:  Lenten Meal followed by service, 6 pm
Monday, April 1, 6 pm:  Potluck Dinner followed by program - Beaver: Friend or Foe?, Pierce Hall

        If you’re attending the dinner, please bring a dish to share. Skip Lisle of Grafton, Vermont will         speak about beavers, show slides, and explain his invention "Beaver Deceivers." He will share         thoughts about beaver and landscape history, the value of wetlands, nature of beaver/human         conflict, and the use of Beaver Deceivers to solve problems. All are invited to learn more about         these amazing aquatic engineers. Questions: Loretta Weitzel, 675-6066 or 630-2674; or                 Helen Davidson, 709-7777.

Wednesday, April 3:  Lenten Meal followed by service, 6 pm
Wednesday, April 10:  Lenten Meal followed by service, 6 pm
Sunday, April 14:  Palm Sunday Service, 10 am
Thursday, April 18:  Maundy Thursday
Friday, April 19:  Good Friday
Sunday, April 21:  Easter Service, 10 am, followed by Egg Hunt

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